Decolonializing the Political: Azfar Hussain Seminar

Live Online & Interactive Seminar

Instructor: Azfar Hussain, PhD

Course Description: Prof. Azfar Hussain is one of the world's leading public and academic intellectuals. This seminar will give you an opportunity to learn from and interact with what many describe him as "A poetic genius of our age."

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Schedule and meeting times: Forthcoming Spring, 2018

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Your Instructor

Azfar Hussain, PhD
Azfar Hussain, PhD

Azfar Hussain is Vice President of the Global Center for Advanced Studies and GCAS Professor of English, World Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies. He is a prominent Bangladeshi theorist, critic, poet, translator, and activist. Hussain is also Associate Professor of Liberal Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, while he has taught English and World Literature, Ethnic Studies, American Studies, and Cultural Studies at Washington State University, Bowling Green State University, and Oklahoma State University as well. In Bangladesh, he had worked as a national weekly magazine editor, a member of a national-level left activist alliance, and as a university professor before he came to the United States.

Azfar Hussain has published—in both English and Bengali—hundreds of academic, popular, and creative pieces, including translations from several non-western languages. He has written on a wide range of topics in such areas as “third-world” Marxisms, critical theory, cultural politics, political economy, and theories and practices of interdisciplinarity, while he has also written on certain aspects of the literatures of Asia, Africa, and Latin America and on such figures as Antonio Gramsci, W.E.B Du Bois, Frantz Fanon, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Maulana Bhasani, and Begum Rokeya, to mention but a few.

The author of the books The Wor(l)d in Question: Essays in Political Economy and Cultural Politics (Dhaka: Samhati Publications, 2008) and The Politics of Sites, Subjects, and Scenes: Micronarratives and Essays (forthcoming), Hussain has edited numerous issues of journals and magazines both in the US and outside it. Azfar Hussain is currently working on several books in both English and Bengali, a few of which are tentatively titledTowards a Political Economy of Land, Labor, Language, and the Body; Decolonizing Comparative Literature; and Marxisms in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Further, his books in Bengali that are currently in press include Samrajjobad o Sanskritik Rajniti (Imperialism and Cultural Politics);Pothon: Shobdo o Noishobder Rajniti (Readings: The Politics of Sounds and Silences); Keramatnama (Keramat’s Chronicles); and Chinho Bhashey Obosheshey (Signs Float At Last).

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