The Image as an Actor of History: A Social Actor

Live Online & Interactive Seminar

Instructor: Francesca Martinez Tagliavia, PhD

Course Descriptions: This course puts forward a truth : « Images are not just representations of reality . » This is to say, one must take into account the autonomy and the intrinsic power of images, their effectiveness, their performativity. The real is made of representations and significations reactivated, throughout historical figural survivals, by specific material pictures. On the other hand, images also derive their strength and legitimacy from the social relations of domination that compose « everyday life. » Life on screen is produced by material, social, political and economic practices that are not just visual, and are possible only through the living labour of (often) invisibilized workers of the industry of the Spectacle. Totally embedded in the materiality of social relations, images produce effects on social relations and networks of power

During this seminar, we will show how and why these two dimensions of the power of images should always be taken into consideration simultaneously. Starting from the case analyzed in the book Faire des corps avec les images. La contribution visuelle de la velina au charisme de Berlusconi (Paris, Institut Universitaire Varenne, 2016), the aim is to show how images can be powerful tools to understand the present, considering them as actors of history and as social actors.

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Saturday Nov 11 at 1pm (EST)

Saturday Nov 18 at 1pm (EST)

Saturday Nov 25 at 1pm (EST)

Saturday Dec 2 at 1pm (EST)

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Your Instructor

Francesca Martinez Tagliavia, PhD
Francesca Martinez Tagliavia, PhD

Francesca Martinez Tagliavia, PhD is Professor of Media at The Global Center for Advanced Studies. She was previously a Visiting Scholar at New York University (NYU) and has taught at Université de Paris 3, Sorbonne-Nouvell. She received her PhD from EHESS - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. She is the author of

Faire des corps avec les images : La contribution visuelle de la velina au charisme de Berlusconi

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